Motorcycle Adventures

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Motorcycle Clubs! Riding Club


Riding motorcycles is the main resolve of a riding club. Its mission is to relish in the soul of riding together, with no other commitments or else requirements. Riding motorcycles is not actually what a motorcycle club is around. It is more around the social features of being together, the brother hood, generating a family, or generating a framework by which members could find their place in a common goal. Riding motorbikes is just somewhat […]

Motorcycle clubs that promote a positive image for biker gangs


When you think of motorcycle clubs, the image of middle aged men with long hair and beards, wearing leather jackets and huge bikes comes to mind. You’re not wrong – that’s just the image. But many biker gangs are associated with criminal activity like drug dealing, money laundering to name a few and are on the watch list of the FBI and other Government agencies. All the negative associations like shootouts and violence have tarnished […]

Outlaw Motorcycling Club Basics


The Motorcycling world is surrounded by much hype, myths and rumors by the dozen on their organization, structure and initiation requirements. While many of these details are private as they are on a need to know basis, much of the details are speculation. What we do know about certain 1%er Motorcycling Clubs is enough to form a negative image of the organizations with images of violence and other drug related illegal activity coming to mind. […]

Ride or die: What you didn’t know about Motorcycle Clubs


The world of Motorcycling is very interesting with many facts about the biker culture not being clear to the general public. We all have a stereotypical image about MC’s and there are many facts about them that we are not aware of. Here are a few facts about motorcycling clubs. Most of the MC’s are law abiding – in fact 99% of them stick within the boundaries of the law. Only 1% makes up the […]

The Most Notorious 1%ers in the Motorcycling Club World


There are motorcycling clubs which indulge in legal activities and are well within legal limits in their events. And there are the few motorcycling clubs that overshadow the reputations of all motorcycling clubs with their notorious behaviors and illegal activities. Some of the clubs have grown in prominence to expand to various countries, opening different chapters to gain more control in the areas. Over 99% of motorcycling clubs play it safe and stay within the […]

What makes men want to join motorcycle clubs?


It is still definitely a male domain, and has been since many chapters of different motorcycle clubs opened back in the 1960s. The thrill of riding a motorcycle, being part of alike minded group – and the sense of belonging, these are all major attractions for many people. Of course, the image of a biker has certain connotations. They have always been promoted as sexy bad guys n many movies, and this affects the way […]

Biker Life: Depictions on Camera

Mark "Ferret" Moroney, national president of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, poses for a photograph in their clubhouse located in western Sydney November 9, 2014. Australia is confronting what authorities say is a growing threat from homegrown Islamist radicals and fears a new danger is about to rumble over the horizon - would-be militants hooking up with biker gangs. The gangs have since been transformed by an influx of members of Middle Eastern origin, some of whom do not even ride motorcycles. Biker gangs now have strong family and cultural ties to the very communities police worry are harbouring potential radicals.  Picture taken November 9, 2014. To match Feature AUSTRALIA-BIKERS/  REUTERS/David Gray      (AUSTRALIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR4EY30

If you’re curious about bikers and Motorcycling clubs – especially the notorious ones, there’s little you can do to figure out what goes on behind the scenes. Many of the details are on a need to know basis, and this is how the 1&er clubs function to keep from information leaking out to the wrong people. With strong rivalries and drug ties, the stakes are high. But if you cannot join a club to find […]

Famous 1%er Bikers


With membership in such notorious MCs, there are ‘outlaws’ that have become famous over time. Listed below are a few of the most famous bikers of 1%er Clubs. David Allen Coe: A member of the Outlaws MC in the chapters of Florida and possibly Louisville, he gained more fame as a musician. He was proud of his colors and often wore them onstage while insulting the audience. Harry Joseph “Taco” Bowman: A former Outlaws MC […]

Leather and Bikes: Female Motorcycle Clubs that will make you want to ride hell for leather


If you thought that the world of motorcycles was only for men, think again. These ladies have gotten together through the love of motorcycles and all things related. The feel of a revved engine, the wind in your face and handling the power of a machine are a few things that these female motorcycling clubs would not trade anything for. Ride for fun and freedom, they are a minority in the male dominated world of […]